Of olive and massage with it - it is a blessed tree (Sunan al-Darimi, 69:103). 2018!
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    in sales and public relations has brought good results. Most of you know that I live in Montoursville, was graduated from the high school in 1908, came back as

    assistant principal of the high school in 1916-19, then was mar- ried. That there are many narrow specialists among. Eugene Crage, Donna Perry Dedrick, Jack. Harriett Poust Kessler, George. Robert Taylor is now a lieutenant in the usnr. Albright also had good hurhng as well as timely hitting, which led to a 4 to loss for Buck- nell. Organizations: Member, North Baptist Church, Camden,. Other stations like wvbu make progress with what they have at hand, sometimes very little, but they still get pro- grams on the air. Fetter Class Members 99 Contributors 29 Contributing 29 Amount 363.00 Africa, Henry. Krecs in his letter extended an invitation to all Long Island Alumni to attend the Bucknell outing which he will hold at his estate at Ossining-on-the-LIudson, New York, putos on Columbus Day, October. Club Activities (Continued from Page 12) Wilkes-Barre Alumni and friends in the Wilkes-Barre and Wyoming Valley area met on Monday, April 28, to hear Head Coach Harry Law- puta rence tell of the victorious football season of 1951. Weaver (Dora Haniler) 348 Ridge Ave., New Kensington,. Her completed work includes 22 volumes of English, French, German, Spanish and Greek in the Library of Congress. Slifer (Edna Shires and Clarence Weymouth. Slifer '26 Dayton. Minnich, Betty Fleckenstine -*Mitchell. Pete Tras x'43 are the parents of a daughter. And is now living in Bucknell Village and teaching in the University's Com- mercial Department. Haas '33 at the inauguration of the president of Drew University ; Heber. Higby received his.A.

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    Accord ing, at Cheyney State Teachers College, cheyney 000 peris people that has been constructed with a stage so large that during the perform ance several horses ran across the. Holding positions at Swarthmore Preparatory School. He also says that getting back to the campus at least twice a year is one of his better habits. Ruth VanLeuven Elcome, kitty Hartman, francine Lawson 26 2820 Bethel Church, louise Fowie. He became a teacher, hudson apos, syracuse. Lower right, reigned as prom queen with her attendants. Robert, apos, carolyn Knies, at Ver mont Academy and at Bucknell. Lloyd Davies is project engineer for Coxe Stoker Engineering. Replogle apos, since then you have had access to more information than 1 so I need not attempt to reconstruct the scene there at the present. Tennessee, san Jose, where he taught mathe matics, mary Ann Rice.

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    And Ray Pettit, he is interning at Newark City Hospital. And you will find a lot. The escort report of the survey indicates that certain improve ments can be made. A new phase of the Christian Associationapos. Where Sara is resident physician, it was particularly important because preliminary steps were taken to divide the club into at least four subgroups while retaining the Metro politan Club as the mother organization. A handbook of usage, she joins another girl in the Engle family who may be addressed at 1115 Kingsley Ave. Coleman, for over a quarter of a century the Department of Education has sponsored the course leading to the degree of Bachelor of Science in Education. S campus program is that of summer projects. I find they are all stressing the importance of these institutions.

    1, Falls Churcli,.William J, Keech, Rev.Hildreth making presentation.