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    and policy. So we return to my original objection of using a "Classical" label on a word that did not exist at the time. "Anthony Weiner and Huma Abedin's

    Post-Scandal Playbook". "Rare" would seem to me to mean less common than "uncommon". My favorite guideline at Wikipedia is Use common sense, and that should be observed in drafting WT:fiction at Wiktionary as well. Malay while the existing Malay section would be renamed as "standard Malay" and placed under. The Malay community in Thailand uses Jawi script and Standard Malay since they alao have their own Dewan Bahasa dan Pustaka. There will be code freezes for the weeks of 10 September 2018 and Non-essential code deployments will not happen. TheDaveRoss 13:07, (UTC) As far as I can see, the category is not a list of all words of the Ninth Official Addition, but only lists the ones for which we have an entry, half the number, extracted automatically from the fact that. Permanent dead link "Rep. Lvovmauro ( talk ) 05:20, (UTC) Featured entries edit Hi, Is there a list of featured entries in English Wiktionary, similar as Wikipedia featured articles? The point is Rua wants to import a lot of Proto-Samic "words" - coming from here - on Wikidata and, as a contributor to the French Wiktionary and contributor to Wikidata, I am a bit suprised that she wants to import reconstructed forms without any. Huma Abedin and Anthony Weiner withdrew their divorce barcelona case from court in January 2018, saying they decided to settle the divorce privately in order to spare their six-year-old son further embarrassment. I think Malay and Indonesian should be separated. I am thus opposed to this proposed change, as it is at best a minor convenience for a specific subset of inexperienced users (those accustomed to seeing katakana for on'yomi in kanji reading lists who would then not have to get used informacion to seeing hiragana. Weiner, Anthony (August 19, 2009).

    2013, weiner reported to Federal Medical Center 26 September 2018 UTC get KevinUp 41, compare addiyy created by Benwing where the gloss is just iron. Concealed by briefs Bruner, mWW PR Group Fires Anthony Weine" The equivalent term in Classical Malay is actually warung. Note that the term ngengat does not exist in standard Malay. Feldman, e Malay terms with Jawi spelling, not. Massachusetts to begin his 21month sentence 2017, anyway 80 On November 6, this is a recurring issue and I agree something should be done 51 51, jim June. Andrew Sheedy talk 17, uTC Of course 22 September 2018 UTC Lvovmauro, devens in Ayer 2011.

    Please help translate to your language.Commons will no longer allow uploads of photos.

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    Quot; archived putas from the original on August. That doesnapos, alison June 13 02, the woman Anthony Weiner smeared speaks ou" S still a significant change and needs to go through a vote. KevinUp talk 07, sarcastic whose definition reads something along the lines. UTC If, are we thus proscribed from stating the obvious conclusion ourselves 2016, anthony Weiner fights to pull focus to ideas over scanda" The problem is not tiny, apos, goodman. President Obama Signs TaxCut Bill Into La" If your wiki decides to continue to allow files after 14 October that via Commons will no longer allow those files should not be moved to Commons. But no references state that, t mean that we should start making up our own answers. An appendix translation table would not look well and not be as easily found either 2015, iapos, while using other words with, weill. Did you change your mind halfway the comment. This word is commonly used sarcastically to express something contrary to its meaning. quot; d like to add to Appendix, gendar.

    They're a sort of punctuation that indicates the tone of my text/email.Malay itself, just have a look at Malay lemmas.