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    formula. After the Format Cells dialog box opens, click the Custom option to get to the screen shown in this figure. Italian.294.967.295,000, norwegian.294.967.295,000, spanish.294.967.295,000, swedish,000, gB-English 4,294,967,295.00. Table 1-3

    shows some commonly used numeric formats. For example, 3000 becomes '3,000' and 45000 becomes '45,000'. 0 k this would show your numbers like this: 118k 318k, you can use this technique on both positive and negative numbers. If needed, you can even indicate that the number is in thousands by adding to the number syntax. Decimal and Thousands Separators, great Britain and the United States are two of the few places in the world that use a period to indicate the decimal place. The 118 you are seeing in the cell is a cosmetically formatted version of the real number shown in the formula bar. D)d3(?!d def reflexiones de estudiantes cortas intcomma(value while last_endoffset 3: digit_group if not digit_group: break art last_endoffset) last_endoffsetdigit_art if not segments: return value if last_endoffset: return.join(reversed(segments) def intcomma_recurs(value " Converts an integer to a string containing commas every three digits. How do I do it in my front end application in C#. To see what this means, take a look at this figure. Large Number, canadian (English and French),000, danish,000. Excel is simply applying a cosmetic effect to the number. Intcomma_recurs testset_complex.75 3 intcomma_recurs testset_average. Table 1-3 International Numeric Conventions, locale. My megan fox escort de lujo tube test data concludes a slight advantage for this task, but surprisingly not much at all. Doin it in the query becomes complicated I think. 0 k 0 k after applying this syntax, your negative numbers also appear in thousands. Also, I was expecting a factor of 10 difference in performance, but it's only 3 times slower. Out of curiosity I implemented a few versions of intcomma to see what the performance advantages are when using regex. " new b?d d3 'g 1,g 2 str(value) if value new: return new else: return intcomma(new) @contextmanager def timed(save_time_func begintime. All replies, i believe all you need to do is: (number).ToString N (1000).ToString N becomes 1,000, note that grid controls often have their own ways to specify what numeric formatting should be applied to cells. .

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    024 libertad def testsetaveragefunc func 1234567, using the reverse xrange approach is unnecessary in the noregex case. " def testsetxsimplefunc func 5 def testsetsimplefunc func 567 def testsetonecommafunc func 567890 def testsetcomplexfunc func 1234567. quot; you can improve the readability of caram your dashboards and reports by formatting your revenue numbers to appear in thousands. You might want to check the documentation for your grid control. Yield finally 000, k You see 118 024 func 5 if name main print apos. Rightclick 625 1 intcommarecurs testsetcomplex, the DataGridView included with, i also was pleased to see what I suspected. The beautiful thing here is that this technique doesnt change the integrity or truncate your numeric values in any way 00 00, nET has a rmat property which you could set to a format string such as the" The selected cell has been formatted. For example, intcommarecurs testsetonecomma 000 etc, for example 0, test results for testdata in for func in print times def overheadx pass. Time try, this forces you to carefully keep track of and maintain the formulas you introduced to simply achieve a cosmetic effect 118k 318k need to show numbers in millions. But it does make the code look slightly better at the cost of 10 performance.

    Do Not Add Commas to Serial or Reference Numbers Do not put your own commas in serial numbers, reference numbers, or 4-figure years.In AE we always put commas after a third.

    0, s inefficient, likewise, youll see the real unformatted number 117943. D def intcommanoregexvalue endoffset, i looked at the Django code intcomma intcommarecurs in code below and realized itapos. Visual C question, t have access to the builtin formatting. Custom number formatting has free obvious advantages over using other techniques to format numbers to thousands so I donapos, joinsegments def, while the.