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    Command could be invoked using keyboard shortcut in the middle of reloading directory. When program is uninstalled, user settings (including stored sessions) are preserved. 1310 Bug fix: Ad-hoc and

    Last custom commands were always executed for selected files, even when executed from a context menu of a focused file. When disconnecting, alert shows up, when there are pending background transfers. 1274 Logging processes and performance counters.NET assembly debug log, only when bugLogLevel. Bug fix: When log window was opened, it received focus after file put get ftp specific folder operation finishes. 1351 New image for Find command and dialog. Bug fix: The last line of authentication banner may have been incorrectly listed on authentication window. Bug fix: Generated code uses TransferOptions. 842 Showing total progress for non-recursive put get ftp specific folder transfers even when Calculate total size transfer settings is turned off. Bug fix: Functions Synchronize and Keep remote directory up to date have ignored file for one minute after the target file was changed just at whole minute (0 seconds). 1228 Bug fix: Cannot rename directory on WebDAV servers that insist on source path ending with slash. Requesting FTP directory listing fields using opts mlst, if the server does not provide all needed fields by default. Thread error on Windows 95/98/ME is maybe fixed. 1396 Change: Remote custom commands cannot be executed with focus on local panel. Showing background transfer queue list toolbar by default. It brings following changes: Fixed validation of SSH-2 RSA key whose length was not a multiple of 8 bits. 1194.6 beta WebDAV support, both for GUI and automation (scripting and.NET assembly).

    It dramatically decreases space occupied by stored sessions in windows registry andor INI file. Showing error message when neon library initialization fails. XX in URLs are decoded, only move operation is allowed and only if put get ftp specific folder dragging to subdirectory or parent directory 635 When Optimize connection buffer size is enabled.

    You cannot use thin-client mode for applications such.FTP, where the ports are negotiated dynamically.

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    1433 Bug fix, directories with no transferred files were not created on upload with FTP. NET assembly is starting winscp, when fatal startup error occurs in scripting with nointeractiveinput put get ftp specific folder switch including runs. Invalid proxy autodetection when system Internet Option Use the same proxy for all protocols is turned off. Local recycle bin could not be left using.

    Bug fix: Pressing X button on message boxes had unpredictable results.1323 Bug fix: Certificate validation fails, when http WebDAV URL redirects to https.