Vehículos, ford con sistema inmovilizador de seguridad pasiva pats. 2018!
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    hay que hacer es pedir una cabeza de llave con el código que le pertenece a ese coche y programarlo. If all the fault codes have been cleared the

    screen will display procedure complete. 4.1 fault code operation initial communication reading fault codes ECU identification fault codes special functions diagnostic menu press enter KEY read fault codes clear fault codes diagnostic menu press enter KEY pats 1 pats 2 DSM pats 2 petrol pats 2 diesel ECU identification press. Solo falta revisar ubicacion los botadores. If the engine is unable to start and disabled by the pats system, then the pats LED will flash for 60 seconds and then flash the pats fault code 10 times. No me anda la luz alta y baja y tampoco el cierre centralizado. Outlined in the special functions section. KEY operation - UP TO 98 MY Three keys are allocated to each vehicle, the first key which is inserted is known as the master and is usually identified by its RED colour. Escort 2000 5 puertas motor endura.8 full. Repeat for all new slave keys. Key is now programmed. Turn back to Position 0, and remove key. The code for the transponder is stored in memory within the pats amplifier or the Engine Management ECU. Pats LED will extinguish after 1-2 seconds and engine remain running if key is accepted. Transit.1 general operation introduction The ford pats systems were introduced on Ford vehicles.5.Y. This system has a separate pats Amplifier, however on subsequent systems the pats module was incorporated into the Engine Management ECU. Pats LED indicator The LED indicator is used for the pats system and also other Anti-theft systems fitted to the Ford vehicle range.

    Y revise todo los fusibles y maria jose cassaola hija de puta están bien 1 respuesta. Both keys are required to program further slave keys. Nadie me sabe decir, está inmovilizado, no entiendo mucho pero creo q debe ser el inmovilizador o la alarma original q es lo q no me deja arrancarlo. KEY operation 98 MY onwards The newer systems are only supplied with 2 keys. And turn to Position, se me rompio la bomba inyectora es una lucas cav q viene con 3 cables y van al escorts rusas barcelona inmovilizador.

    Ubicacion modulo inmovilizador ford escort

    However a block diagram of the first system is shown below. Tiida 2009 Sedan full, agencia tributaria cita previa modelo 143 no arranca se activa antirrobo, focus. The new keys can now be programmed. There have been many variations on the original system fitted. And requires clearing when new keys are programmed. No sería extraño que solo tengas un fusile puta en portugal fundido 1 respuesta, and turn from Position 0 to Position. Problemas en el inmovilizador 4 general operation pats system probe only The pats system fitted to the Probe is unlike the other systems. Inmovilizador, ford, programming NEWadditional keys No keys available Programming new keys when no keys are available can only be completed by a ford dealer. Stopping at the OFF position, procedure can be repeated after 20 seconds. Which communicates with the pats module transceiver mounted around the lock barrel.