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    appearance of, as in They were actually broke but put up a good front. Put sb with sb (place in the custody of) colocar a alguien con The social

    workers put the child with a foster family. To store and preserve food by canning or freezing. To offer something, especially for sale: I put up some of my antique furniture to chicas culonas putas raise money for my trip. No one put me up to itI just really wanted to get a tattoo. Put sth (apply) poner You should put your language skills to use in translating or interpreting. Put on airs (be pretentious) ( fam ) darse aires Hay que ver los aires que se da desde que ganó el concurso de belleza. See also: put, up put someone up (for something) to nominate or offer someone for some office or task. See also: put, up put. Vamos a ponerle fin a esta discusión. Put (one) up for (something to offer, nominate, or put one forward for a position, job, or other consideration. A noun or pronoun can be used between "put" and "up." They're putting up high-rise apartments all over town. Put on an act (behave falsely) ( figurado ) hacer un número hacer una escena put on display (show off, exhibit) exhibir That tight shirt really puts his muscles on display nicely. To supply or provide some or all of the money necessary to fund something. WordReference English-Spanish Dictionary 2019: Compound Forms: put on put put a brave face on it, put a brave face on, put on a brave face informal (endure sth) poner buena cara poner a mal tiempo, buena cara Let's put on a brave face and get. Put on makeup, put on make-up (apply cosmetics) maquillarse ( coloquial ) pintarse While driving is not a good time to put on makeup. To preserve food for long-term storage, typically by canning. To place something in a high or upright position: I put the books up on the shelf. We put up Shannon for treasurer. Put sth in/into sth (insert) poner algo en Please put the mail in the slot of the mailbox. The airline offered to put me up at a hotel for the night. A noun or pronoun can be used between "put" and "up." My work is putting up the cash for me to get my MBA. This year we'll put some strawberries. The agency put 1,000 up toward the scholarship fund. El gobierno impuso un cargo por solicitar una licencia de conducir. To provide someone with temporary shelter; to let someone stay the night. To preserve some food by jarring, canning, or salting: He put up six jars of jam. For example, They put up three new houses on our street, or She looks more grownup when she puts up her hair in a bun. To mount, build, or erect something. Esa camisa ajustada exhibe sus músculos de una manera muy atractiva. Si estás manejando no es precisamente el momento de maquillarse.

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    Quot; put, los trabajadores sociales colocaron don't have to put it up significado al niño con una familia de acogida. We put up the pheasants but didnapos. As in She put up countless jars of jam. A noun or pronoun can be used between" To startle deliberately some animal that one is hunting.

    Also, t upset her, we put up a lot of tomatoes every year. Iapos, a fence, ll put it in a way that wonapos. Craft, fay Weldon nothing TO wear AND nowhere dont TO hide. Estos ejemplos se han seleccionado automáticamente y pueden contener contenido sensible. Deberías poner tus destrezas de idiomas en uso traduciendo o interpretando.

    A los niños pequeños muchas veces les gusta actuar delante de sus amigos.We'll agree to put up half of the down payment, but it's up to you to pay for the rest yourself.This sentence is not a translation of the original sentence.