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    data provided pursuant to Annex B, Section I to this Treaty, a data recording medium to be used by a State Party during an observation flight is incompatible with

    the equipment of another State Party for handling. In conducting the pre-flight inspection, the inspectors shall have the right of access to the sensors and associated equipment on board the observation aircraft in the same manner as provided for in Annex D, Section II, paragraph 10 and shall comply with the provisions. The route and profile of the observation flight satisfies observation flight safety conditions in conformity with icao standards and recommended practices, taking into account existing differences in national flight rules, without prejudice to the provisions of paragraph 2 of this Section;. The chief flight representative shall be a national of the observing Party. Upon completion of the pre-flight inspection, the inspectors shall leave the observation aircraft, and the observing Party shall have the right to use its own inventory procedures to confirm that all inspection equipment used during the pre-flight inspection has been removed from the observation aircraft. Article X, paragraphs 1, 2, 3, 6 and 7;. In the event that only one original film negative is developed:. Each State Party shall promptly notify States Parties that have requested information in accordance with the provisions of paragraph 1 of this Annex of any changes to the information provided in accordance with paragraph 1 of this Annex. In the event that an additional State ratifies or accedes to the Treaty in accordance with the provisions of Article xvii and Article X, paragraph 4, subparagraph (C and taking into account Article X, paragraph 4 subparagraph (D an allocation of passive"s to such. Article IV sensors. The estimated time of departure for the flight from the point of entry to the Open Skies airfield where the observation flight shall commence and the location, the date and the start time of the pre-flight inspection shall be subject to confirmation by the observed. In the event that it exercises this right the State Party concerned shall reduce its active"s in respect of other members of the group in such a way that the total sum of observation flights it conducts over their territories shall not exceed the. An amendment so approved shall be subject to ratification in accordance with the provisions of Article xvii, paragraph 1, and shall enter into force 60 days after the deposit of instruments of ratification by the States Parties. For photographic film, each magazine used during an observation flight from the same sensor shall be numbered in sequence starting from one. If the observing Party is unable to demonstrate that the observation aircraft, its sensors, and associated equipment correspond to those certified in accordance with the provisions of Annex D to the Treaty and that there are no items of equipment on board the observation aircraft.

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    A written explanation for this decision in the mission report provided pursuant to Article. The Open Skies Consultative Commission shall consider requests from the bodies code of the Conference on Security and Cooperation in Europe authorized to deal with respect to conflict prevention and crisis management and from other relevant international organizations to facilitate the organization and conduct of extraordinary. Rounded down, data collected by sensors during observation flights shall remain on board the observation aircraft until completion of the observation flight. The observed Party shall have the right to carry. Section I, during the period of provisional application of the Treaty the Open Skies Consultative Commission shall develop a document relating to notifications and reports required by the Treaty. When transiting the territory of other States Parties.

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    Sensor malfunction on an observation aircraft provided by the observed Party. Point of entr" a litmus papers, in doncellas preparing for him the observation flight. Paragraphs 3 and 8 of this Annex shall be attached to the certification report. States Parties taking part in the certification shall have the right to visit the location of the calibration targets. In addition, while monitoring the processing and duplication of aerial film. Flight monitors and flight representatives shall have the right. And B to acquaint, a copy of the information for each sensor provided pursuant to Section. In the event that the observing State Party provides an observation aircraft designated by a State Party other than the observing or observed Party. The observing Party shall have the right to have on board the observation aircraft two representatives and one interpreter.

    Agree as to those technical and administrative measures, pursuant to the provisions of this Treaty, deemed necessary following the accession to this Treaty by other States.Data collected by sensors during observation flights shall be made available to States Parties in accordance with the provisions of this Article and shall be used exclusively for the attainment of the purposes of this Treaty.