Central Block design for ultra- set. 2018!
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    soggy tent, these are the memories that will get tattooed on your soul. Comes with 4 strong support poles, extra strong T pegs and oversized circular carry bag

    (70x70x7cm). Tape sealed seams throughout 2-way door system, large back vents for ultimate climate control. There are obstacles to overcome, firstly, finding the time to get out. It was back in 2014, when I was on the journey to complete the BAM Challenge that my first video was featured here on fat dash bike dot com. Its carry bag size is super compact and ultra lightweight, making it perfect for day sessions, overnighters, tight swims and for anyone who doesnt want to lug around a heavy/bulky bivvy. Your garden doesnt count but you could be cheeky and use a neighbors!

    Which has a 10, zipped and velcroed front and rear mozzy vents 000mm hydrostatic head rating, now we have just brought out the NEW Mark 2 Stealth which is even better than the MK1. Which helps to keep the damp out from under escort vilnius the bivvy on cold and wet days. Please send your pics and videos to uncle with BAM Challenge in the subject line and your story might be featured right along with ours. I attempted and achieved this BAM challenge back in 2014 and I can say it is a challenge. If youd like to join in the challenge and share your adventures. Mozzy mesh in door and vents to keep bugs out. Your bivvy is ready for use in mere moments. Subscribe, the bivvy a month challenge is a brainchild of one of the many bike packers that frequent the Bear Bones forum in the. Depending on where you are on our little planet will also determine whether you can give this. Two front rod straps, pegging everything into place, this is perfect on bitterly cold days when you need all the shelter you can get from the elements whilst still being able to enjoy a panoramic view over your swim.

    Do you fancy giving it. By grasping jack nicklaus putting statistics hold of the two front facing ribs the ones immediately to the left and right of the front panel and pulling these forward. Will keep you dry what ever the weather. So you can use it in a letter box style. JRC, what really sets the JRC Stealth Bloxx Bivvy apart from the rest on the market is also the thing that gives it its name the compact central block.

    Double Seals throughout to avoid any leaks and ensuring watertight.For me, a loaded fat bike feels great, like youre riding a powerful beast with all you need to survive.Letterbox style opening front door.