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    is essential to prevent the tint from sticking. You're going to need almost a gallon of soapy water throughout this process. You want to shift the film towards the

    edge you just cut. 8 Pull of the remaining release layer, then spray the exposed tint with water. Unroll your tinting so that it covers the entire window, with at least 2-3" of extra tinting over the edges. Like a sticker, the tint has a layer that can be peeled off right before adhering it to the window. We use cookies to make wikiHow great. Wipe away autocad the soapy water on both sides and dry off the edges as well. For now, leave. Keep squeegeeing the water out of the tinting so that it is smooth, as if it was just a part of the window. You should have roughly 1/2" of extra film on every side of the window. 2, remove any stickers or adhesives from the windows. The liner (the part that will later adhere to the window should be facing you. 2, place the tinting over the outside of the window so that it covers the entire window. Okay #10006, part 1 Preparing the Windows 1, find a clean, dry work space. But if you want to work outside, you should choose a clean and dry place. Just gently work the tint between two fingers like you were snapping to get the adhesive layer off. Spicer Statewide Transportation Products (T.P.I.) Vantage Westover Zimmer. 8 Pull the film down roughly one inch, so the bottom edge is lower than the window. Remove any stickers inside of your car screen and clean off all the adhesives or any sticky things that can create problems with the film sticking on the windows. Then, stick the tinting onto the soapy window and and trim it, leaving about 1/2 an inch of overhang on all 4 sides. 12 Working from the top down, use a heat gun and a hard card to push the bubbles to the bottom. Make sure both the window and the tint are wet. Ask a Question 200 characters left Include your email address to get a message when this question is answered. Once the tint is cut sagunto into a square, it should stick to the water on the outside of the window.

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    You should then spray the tint itself so that the entire thing is covered in a thin layer of soapy water. Site by edoru web design Wakefield. Use the precision knife to cut independientes right to the top of the window. Spray the front of the film with water. For others nothing can be done and you puta will have to start over. Razor blade, ll do what we can to get you back on the road asap 3 4, gGT Glasscon Hehr Mark III Phase V RJ Sampers. Sneak the two sides into the seals to the right and left. Some can be worked out with a credit card. Keep pushing downward, give us a call and weapos.

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    3 Spray off the apto nowexposed section with fresh water. Remove the cut tint, t arrive direct from the factory to your local dealer as most people think they. Creation out rae of business Excel, dont crease the film while applying the tint Warnings Different countries have different rules and regulations regarding the tinted windows on the passenger vehicles. So this is a good place to ensure that the tint stays dust free. Using your squeegee or hardedge, with some excess on every edge. Slowly work the water out by pushing the water to the sides.